Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama family dog - Why not choose a shichon

I wanted to continue on my motorcycle transport theme but I can't ignore what everyone is searching for - who will be the First Family - the Obama family dog, aka the White House dog. Of course I strongly recommend the Shichon breed as the "American First dog" or would it be the "US Presidential Family first dog". Shichons cute and hypoallergenic AND they are kind of a mutt... like Obama!! (its a joke people, in case you haven't heard, he referred to himself in that way as a joke).

Of course everyone is speculating on the first dog, this story in the Chicago Tribune about Barack Obama: Obama promises daughters puppy in the white house.

Sasha and Malia Obama, if you are out there - Shichons are the one for you. Shichon is a natural first dog candidate. Of course, this being a democratic family I am not going to run negative ad campaigns against the other dogs. I'll let the Shichon record stand on its own... just check out the puppy pictures.

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