Monday, November 10, 2008

First Dog exclusive: Will a shi-tzu beat out the shichon?

I was disappointed to see that a shichon was not included in this Vote for first dog - the white house dog Chicago Tribune poll.

Barack Obama promised his daughters they could get a puppy if he ran for President. What kind of dog should the Obama family bring to the White House?

Currently the "shelter dog" is running in first place with Goldendoodle in second place with 2166 votes and a shi-tzu in third place.

However to a keen eye an interesting trend emerges. the Shi-tzu is in third place with 1587 votes and a Bichon Frise is in fifth place. However if you combined the two dogs, which is what a shichon is - a Bichon Frise and a Shit-tzu - you get a front runner.

There you have it... the Shichon deserves the presidential obama family first dog spot in the administration - the white house dog.

Shelter dog (11052 responses)


Chihuahua (252 responses)


Bichon frise (1193 responses)


Yorkie (1221 responses)


Chinese Crested (97 responses)


Schnauzer (985 responses)


Basset hound (622 responses)


Goldendoodle (2166 responses)


Shih Tzu (1587 responses)


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