Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Monkey (our shichon) featured in Ultra Cute video

Last week I received this letter:

your dog in the car video
Your dog in the car video is so great!

I make a video show called ULTRA KAWAII ( We are making a video that features dogs in cars. We would, love to feature your video of your dog

We would, of course, give you full credit and will include your Youtube username or URL in the video, sending people towards your YouTube page, website, or whatever you want.

What do you think?

Thanks so much,
Josh Leo
Ultra Kawaii

So I check out the site and there is Monkey - the hero of this zuchon blog, along with other dogs jumping into cars and riding and even driving their owners cars.

Here is the deal with ULTRA KAWAII:

On Ultra Kawaii (Kawaii is Japanese for cute), our simple goal is to showcase the cutest pets on the planet.

How do we find our stars? From you! They’re your pets, silly :)

You send your cutest pet videos, and we share them with the world.

Each week, the two best videos go head-to-head in the show’s finale, the explosive Kama Cutzie!!!

The Ultra Kawaii blog is by and about our creators- that includes YOU!

Plus, the site has snaggables- free downloads- and everything you need to make your own pet videos “ultra” cute.

I wasnt able to embed the video here, but check it out the site to see our celebrity bichon shi tzu...

NON-DOG RELATED WEB STUFF - probably boring...


So being a geek, I spent a bit more time on the site to check out its functionality. I noticed that they had their own flash player, failry unusual and they were seeking advertisers. Clearly a web video channel which must be a part of a bigger company. CORRECT!

So Ultra Kawaii is a part of a collection of "networks" run by NextNewNetworks. They have several networks, which includes Barely Political. Which I believe created the Obama Girl..

Conclusion... Monkey is the next Obama girl? Maybe not, but nice viral networking and video sites by this company. One final note...

These sites are probably run on top of Drupal created by Creative Commons or other such companies such as our local drupal shop in Chicago...

I can't resist inserting the Obama girl in here... hope you political folks forgive me... enjoy.