Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cerberus - three headed monster

I couldn't resist passing on this popular image I ran across on digg today:

Can anyone help identify the breed of these cute pups?


Anonymous said...

Hello. I am getting a Shichon in December! I am SO excited. Our dog is one of Anabelles on I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE YOUR WEBSITE!!

From: Audrey @

A Kucharski said...

congrats! and great pictures on your site!

Ginnie said...

Stumbled across your blog with Monkey and my husband and I laughed at how similar he is to our Shichon, Hopi. How old is Monkey? We got Hopi from a breeder in West Allis..he's now 9 actually! (just realized that!) ;) I'll have to post some photos of Hopi!

Anonymous said...

I believe they are Samoyed puppies. We just had to put our beloved purebred Samoyed, Storm, to sleep b/c of Kidney failure. So very sad. They are wonderful dogs..check them out online AKC or other site.