Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Top white house dog breeds for Obama

Unfortunately the shichon - the cutest teddy bear dog breed of the mix breeds will not appear in the results of the American Kennel Club poll to help recommend the next white house dog.

In August, more than 42,000 Americans cast their vote in the AKC®'s poll to determine the right breed of dog for the Obamas at www.presidentialpup.com. The Poodle was chosen from a list of five hypoallergenic breeds, each with distinct characteristics that made them uniquely suited for Obama's daughter who suffers from allergies.

The top white house dogs in question were:

- bichone frise
- The Chinese Crested
- The Miniature Schnauzer
- The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
- The poodle

Of course we feel deeply disapointed that no mixed breed dogs made it on the list so a shichon is a write in for us. All of the dogs on the list are hyperalergenic and so is our little teddy bear shichon.

Of course it would be fitting that Obama pick a mutt - after his own admission.

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