Sunday, February 17, 2008

Trib Article about Dog Transportation

The Chicago Tribune had a great article in the Transportation section about safety features in cars for dog transport. Jen Mystkowski had a great half page shot of a little dog on the cover. Unfortunatly the article is only available to online scubscribers - and i am not one of them.
Here is what i was able to get from the site and in case you have access here is the Sit. Stay. Safely. article link.

Fencing, bags, safety belts, hammocks, car seats, kennels? these are just some of the items that make car-travel safe and comfortable for Fido or Fluffy.

I have also broached the topic in my blog article about dog transportation here.
Here are some more interesting highlights from the article.
29.1 million Americans say they have traveled 50 miles or more with a pet in the last three years.

The article goes on to mention some pet friendly features in Subarus and Saabs. Finally here is a good reference from teh American Veterinary Medical Association. What you should know about traveling with your pet.