Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Commuting with a Puppy - Dogs on Bikes, Motorcycles and Human Carirers

I commute every day about 3 miles to and from the office. Working in a dog friendly office allows me to take the puppy to work. I either drive to work, bicycle or take my motorcycle. My preferred way of commuting is using my bicycle. Outside of putting the puppy in my front seat when I take the car, commuting with a dog on two wheels isn't exactly easy.

Which got me thinking about 'Puppy safety' yesterday as I was rolling along as the puppy in my backpack tried to jump climb out and carelessly jump into the street. I doubt there are any laws which dictate safety measures for transporting animals.

It would seem that taking the car is the safest option. However when transporting a dog in the car, what is the proper etiquette? When driving with a puppy is it better to put them in a cage, in your lap or on the passenger seat? I don't think it really matters. Although the Canine Care Safety page recommends a cage, I think a dog being a canon ball when you hit a stop at 30mph inside or outside a cage wont matter for the dog.

If you make a sudden emergency stop, or are involved in a crash at just 30mph, a dog who is not restrained in the back seat can turn into a potentially lethal missile, warns the AA...
I think either way, the dog is more endangered than the driver.

Motorcycle and Bicycle with a puppy

I think for the dog these must be the safest options. Here is my rationale. If involved in a car accident, the dog will most likely be injured because it will become a projectile and will hit a hard stop breaking bones. In case of a bicycle or motorcycle accident, the puppy will fly as well, but will have a much easier landing. I think the biggest danger in that case is for the dog to be run over by traffic.

Which brings me to my current problem. Transporting the dog on a bicycle right now is problamatic for me as I don't yet have a bicycle dog basket. I tried putting the dog in my backpack but he has figured out how to unzip and try to jump out. My wife provided me with a dog carrier which I use right now, clipping the dog in to his dog collar. I guess for ultimate puppy safety I need to get a vest harness for the puppy, a human front carrier, and clip the dog to the human front carrier.

So far, the dog seems to enjoy the motorcycle rides.

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