Friday, February 22, 2008

My dog is eating my electronics

Our dog is a good dog. He is potty trained. He rarely has any accidents. He knows how to fetch, he knows how to obay commands to sit, lay down, come, and shake.

We are also very lucky in that he hasnt been chewing on couches, furniture, shes or socks. He does have one weakness. He loves my electronics. He loves to eat blackberries, cell phones, cameras, network cables, power chargers, and sometimes even live power supplies. Here is a picture of his latest desert of my plantronics blue tooth ear piece.

We are not sure why he loves to eat electronic gadgets. We aren't sure how to train him otherwise. We provide him with bones to chew and congs so he generally leaves our stuff alone, yet he generally prefers a new shiny gadget to a hide. How do we break this habit?


Anonymous said...

hahah...chew's on electronics? WOW!!!! bitter apple spray? i have a bottle ill leave it on the dryer so you can try it out! -Deborah

Anonymous said...

Hi There--

I stumbled upon your blog post this morning and wanted to help out! I work for Plantronics and we would be happy to replace your unit. Please send a shipping address to my e-mail at and I'll happily send a unit your way. Just try to keep this one out of puppies path, haha.

Best, Susan

SusannahS said...

Oh dear. I am bringing home my shichon puppy over Easter weekend. I never had to worry about my cat chewing on things...I guess I need to start puppy-proofing things now.

I do have a you ever get disparaging remarks for owning a "designer dog"? I witnessed a nasty verbal attack on a puggle owner earlier this week, and I've seem some not-so-nice comments on some message boards.

Alexandra said...

I am discovering your blog after getting a shichon of my own. He also loves electronic devices.