Thursday, April 3, 2008

Small dogs for macho guys

shichon zuchon puppy dog shitzu
In February SusannahSposted a comment and a question:

Oh dear. I am bringing home my shichon puppy over Easter weekend. I never had to worry about my cat chewing on things...I guess I need to start puppy-proofing things now.

I do have a you ever get disparaging remarks for owning a "designer dog"? I witnessed a nasty verbal attack on a puggle owner earlier this week, and I've seem some not-so-nice comments on some message boards.

At first I thought that SusannahS referred to the fact that some folks may look down on a man who preferred cuteness and cuddability of a cute designer dog, such as a Shichon or a Puggle over a stereotypical dog, like say a German shepherd. Than i realized that this was only my deep secret irrational fear and she was not saying that at all.

SusannahS, who on earth would want to spend their time demeaning little dogs because they come from a designer breed? Thinking of my shichon, the only fear I have is of loosing him. Sure, my guy friends snickerred a little when they saw me (a tatooed, motorcycle riding, goat teed, ex-brawler and wrestler - should i come up with more stupid stereotypes) with a cute little doggie. But in a bout two minutes they want to play with the puppie too. But anyway, we're back on my insecurities.

I still dont understand what someone can have against a designer breed. As for macho wannabees, the best quote I heard was: "you dont need to have a big dog to be a big dog".

and all you haters out there... what do you have to say about this guy here?


Anonymous said...

There are a lot of "purists" (aka doggie racists) out there. The best answer is that research shows that hybrids (ie designer dogs) are healthier, and live longer.

Ignore the nay-saying wankers, and just love your doggie, whatever the breed (or crossbreed :)).

Anonymous said...

Cute puppy! I can't say enough good things about the shichons! We got ours on Valentine's Day and she is just a pure joy. Pooh on the negative thinkers!

Anonymous said...

I don't think your fear is irrational. You are definitely a girly man for owning that dog... and then blogging about him.

Melinda said...

Personally I own 2 shichons and a toy poodle, there is nothing wrong about owning a small cudley dog. You can hold it, it eats less (guess that depends on the dog, my max is always eating), and the poop is smaller so accidents aren't that bad. No one ever said that men have to own big mean dogs, some people enjoy the ones that can lay on your lap while you watch a movie. And to the people that think buying a designer dog is bad, I tried getting a poodle from a shelter a couple of times and they have so many requirements. The poodle was a male and they said I had to have my male shichon fixed even though my two females are fixed. Umm... seriously a male will not and can not breed another male. Shelters are good and have the right idea they just need to be a little less strict, that is why there are so many dogs in shelters because of stupid rules like that. There are alot of willing people to adopt dogs that can't because of these stupid rules.

Anonymous said...

We got ours in December - absolutely a doll. He travels very well and is very well behaved. Has been easy to train. AND - My husband is a very macho guy who handles large horses every day. He adores this little Dog. By the way = ours looks very much like the dog in the picture.