Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shichons and all small dogs and babies

As with most abandoned blogs something happens in the life of the author which makes the blog a much lower priority and ultimately the blog gets abandoned. A big event in our lives has happened and as a result I haven't posted anything here for over six months. Our son was born earlier last year and as this is our first child, our free time has disappeared.

A couple of other annoying issues also came up, like the fact that youtube had terminated my account without warning erasing all the videos of our shichon that were a part of this blog.

However, I have resolved to pick this up again and write about our experiences with our shichon and our new baby - in particular focusing on how the dog and the baby interact with each other.

So stay tuned for more pictures of the dog and the baby.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Could you possibly help/give me advice on how to train my 6 week old Zuchon?

MochiGirl said...

Your Chinese translation of Shi Tzu is wrong. It sounds like you used the direct translation devices online. Shi Tzu actually translates either to "狮子狗" meaning lion dog in Mandarin, or "西施狗" with "西施" meaning the most beautiful woman of ancient China legend. Hope that helps.