Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dog paws, dog booties and melting salt on sidewalks

As you know I love to watch my shichon play in the snow. Especially when the snow is fresh and his fur is grown out I think he looks just like an ewok-dog when he struggles through the drifts.

Here is what I mean

However what I have noticed is NOT fun is when are walking around on the sidewalks and they start to limp because their little paws are hurting. I have observed this several times and I am starting to suspect that rock salt put on the sidewalks to melt the snow away may be hurting my shichon.

I concerned about this and have been thinking this over and one of the reasons that I have been having such a hard time about this is that I am also vehemently opposed to any type of dog clothing. I think that in general the dogs dont like it, they look stupid and it borders on animal abuse.

Here is however a site which may change my mind. Check out the dog booties site created by some folks from Minesotta - and they know what cold means. I love that their tag line is:

When it is 50 below, do you really think man's best friend cares if his boots are pretty?

What do you think?


Angie said...

I have a question about the size of an adult Shichon. I am getting one in March and my students want to have a puppy shower before my puppy arrives. I'm not sure if I should tell them to purchase small or medium puppy sweaters. Could you tell me about how long adult Shichons (base of neck to base of tail) get? I realize size can vary. I just need a rough estimate.


Angie said...

Could you tell me approximately how long is an adult Shichon? My students want to throw a puppy shower before my Shichon arrives and I'm not sure what size sweater she will wear.

I realize sizes vary, I would just like an estimate. (base of neck to tail)

Thanks for your help.

Christy and Randy said...

I was going to order dog booties from that site for my shichons for when we went up to Wisconsin. I didn't do it and wish that I would have. I had to buy socks at Petsmart for them because they were so cold that they were limping and after about 30 seconds they wouldn't even walk. I think that if it is for safety for your pet then putting booties on them is no big deal.