Monday, May 5, 2008

Shichon being tired

Our shichon has bouts of energy... sometimes he's running around... sometimes he just likes to sleep. He's a dog who acts like a cat.


Anonymous said...

hhh my god... he is soooooo cute, such a cute puppy

DeeLee said...

After seeing the gorgeous photo of your little Zuchon, I now know what breed my Indy is. The vet thought possibly, he was Shitzu crossed with a King Charles cavalier, but I always had my doubts. He was purchased from a pet shop, sadly, by his first owner, and his background was unknown, but after seeing Zuchon, I am now 100% sure he is a Shitzu cross Bichon. Would love to see more photos. When I saw that beautiful photo of your Zuchon, i actually thought it was my dog. Never seen one identical before. My boy is not energetic and would prefer to sit or lie on my bed and watch the world go by when he is not sleeping, which seems to be most of the time. As a puppy he was left on his own for too long during the day, 12 hrs and more, and so he is not a sociable dog, he is a loner, and even with me, he usually prefers to sit by himself rather than with me, so i encourage and call him to come and sit on my lap, or follow me in the garden, just for his own companionship, as well mine. His lonely early years is a lesson for all of us dog lovers to remember that like babies, the very early formative years of any baby creature is so important to their future emotional and social stability. If you cant give an animal your time, dont own one as they should not be deprived of companionship. Living a solitary life is soul destroying for any living creature, even a fish! So before you acquire any animal, think what type of quality you will add to its precious life if you become its owner/carer.

Katrina said...

What a sweetie. My DH and I decided to get a Zuchon after a lot of research. We got two little girls. They are so sweet. I have pictures on my blog, mostly about my stitching but I do put a lot of puppy pictures on it too :-).