Monday, January 21, 2008

Winter Potty

This was the coldest weekend in January so far this year. As January is Chicago's coldest month, and it gets pretty cold here, it was a COLD one. We had temperatures drop to -18F (feels like) and -5 Fahrenheit its pretty cold. And the dog walking gets pretty short.

I have observed a peculiar thing in our puppy. When taken out first day of the cold spell, after a few minutes he started lifting his paws and holding them up. He actually looked like his paws were freezing! Of course this is unconfirmed but its strange.

Now I have heard or read somewhere that Huskies and big sled dogs don't have feeling in the tips of their paws and they can survive the deep freeze without feeling it. Unfortunately our dog is a shichon (also called a Zuchon) a descendant of the ShiTzu and a Bichon. I doubt that his ancestors had developed this survival component.

So until it warms up to at least to 15 F degrees we will have to make our potty outings breef. Interestingly he has started picking up the speed in which he decides to get his business done. There is a bright side to taking the dog out in blistery and bitter cold of the winter.

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Sled Dog Action Coalition said...

Like other dogs, sled dogs get penile frostbite, frosbite of the scrotum, ears, tails and flanks. It is less common for dogs to get frostbite in their paws. Dogs running in the Iditarod often get cut and injured paws. Some of the injuries happen when ice shards cut into their paws. For more information, visit the Sled Dog Action Coalition website,

Margery Glickman
Sled Dog Action Coalition,