Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dogs in the Workplace

I have decided to take the dog to work today. We work in a small office and most everyone there loves to have the little puppy there.

I had an important call with a potential new customer this morning. Right as we were in the middle of discussing our strategy, the dog started barking. WHAT A DISASTER!!

I can only image that our customer thinks we are a bunch of yahoos. Is it really appropriate to bring a dog to work? It certainly was distracting when he was barking.

I really wanted to punt him, but then on of my colleagues emailed me this picture to remind me how cute this little shichon/zuchon is.


Michele said...

You dog Monkey looks exactly like my dog Brewster. He is the same kind, a Shishon. I sent that picture of Monkey to my mom and she thought it was Brew. I've been reading some of your blogs and our dogs seem like the same dog. Its crazy!!!

Deborah said...

Well if you still can't see how cute your dog's another picture to remind you!

here is the little weirdo trying to squeeze into this tiny bed with his brother!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's inappropriate. People seem to think that everyone loves their dog as much as they do, but it's rarely the case. It's just uncomfortable for someone to speak up and say "It's kind of hard to make a sales call while your dog is barking in the hallway."