Sunday, July 1, 2007

Shichon on grass

Groomed Shichon. He had hair covering his mouth and mouth so we sent him for his first puppy grooming and they cleaned him up. What do you think?


Junelle said...

He looks cute as always :)

amy said...

looks like a stuffed toy...:)

Anonymous said...

that pic is amazing! Ours is identical to yours, except Kabuki is a girl. Thanks for the pics cuz we have been searching for a nice pic to show our groomer.

Bonnie said...

We raise this kind of puppies and highly recommend them for families, singles and older folks as they always seem to stay cute and look like a stuffed toy. They normally stay within a manageable weight so they are easier to handle than a large dog. The "Teddy Bears" Shichons are one of my favorites. Very Sweet and playful.
Have fun with your Puppy.
Regards, Bonnie